Our general policies regarding souvenir availability are as follows:

  • Our souvenirs usually become available on our online store on the Sunday immediately following the end of the event or events at which they were sold (most of our events end on Friday or Saturday). Exceptions may be made with regard to multi-week events, limited remaining in-person stock at events, and a number of unforeseeable circumstances.
  • Souvenirs will most often be first made available on Sundays due to the fact that most of our major events end on Saturdays. For events that are held and concluded significantly earlier in a given week, souvenirs will most commonly be scheduled to become available on our site the day directly following the end of the event in question.
  • Souvenirs purchased online can not be picked up at our in-person souvenir stands at events unless otherwise specified or authorized by Kukulski Brothers. Similarly, online orders can not be cancelled at in-person events or via our event staff. Please contact our fulfillment department for any issues with an existing order placed online or by phone.

Please feel free to direct any remaining questions regarding souvenir availability or online ordering toward our fulfillment department, by either emailing or by calling 602-386-3460 during normal business hours.

Thank you for your business and we'll see you at the championships!

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